Urge NGT for Immediate Deconcretisation of Trees in Delhi

Dear Hon’ble Judges of the Principal Bench of the National Green Tribunal,

Delhi is known to be one of the greenest capital cities in the world. However of late, ad hoc “developmental” activities have led to large-scale decline in the number and diversity of trees in the city. A key challenge faced by almost all the trees in Delhi is the immediate threat of concretisation: cementing of the area around trees right upto the tree trunk. The concretisation of trees can lead to grave results and even cause death/uprooting of the trees.

As you would be already aware, the different rules and court orders from time to time have prescribed that some area (usually 6X6 feet) should be left empty and without concrete around the tree trunks. However, this is not being followed in majority of the cases throughout Delhi. We therefore urge you to issue a strong order ensuring the prevention of concretisation around trees and immediate deconcretisation of the trees choking which are presently being choked to death.



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