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Dissertation Writing

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Writing a dissertation is the most important part of the academic life of any student. A dissertation is a structured piece of writing on a specific topic chosen by, or assigned to a student, especially as part of a university degree. A dissertation is often the first formal attempt by a young researcher to make a contribution to research, or at least learn the process of making a contribution to academic research.

Research can be defined as creating new knowledge by building on existing knowledge, and how that is done is what a student learns during the process of writing a dissertation. Each dissertation is focused on answering one or more research questions or research problems and a dissertation can either be based on an empirical study using primary or secondary data or on a literature-based study.

While the purpose of a dissertation is to answer the research question or make an attempt to solve the research problem, the process of how this is done is more important than the actual findings. A good researcher must be able to master the skill of dissertation writing before or along with obtaining the master’s degree.  

The week-long course on Dissertation Writing has been prepared with this backdrop by the Green the Change Academy. Learners who complete this course will be able to master the skill of writing a dissertation, become aware of the tools, tips and tricks required for writing a good dissertation and will develop a strong foundation for using research to solve all kinds of problems.

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Nirmala Konsam is Executive Director of Delhi Greens NGO and holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Delhi. Her areas of research interests and expertise include Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development.